Ron Coddington
is driven to present compelling narratives on a variety of topics in traditional and alternative forms.

He has been associated during much of his professional life with media organizations, through which he has covered major news events. He created maps and explanatory diagrams for the San Jose Mercury News Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Bay Area earthquake. He also produced award-winning interactive graphics for 9/11 and the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger at USA Today. And countless other projects.

Nowadays his passion is rooted in leading collaborative teams to conceptualize and produce visual journalism across platforms. As USA Today's art director in the late 2000s, he helped guide the Design Department through the early stages of its evolution as a digital-centered organization. Today, as an assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, he leads a creative team of designers, developers, researchers and editors who create award-winning journalism for thought leaders and other professionals in academe.

Although many associate Ron with data visualizations, others remember him as a political caricaturist and founder of Faces in the News, a service syndicated by McClatchy-Tribune Media Services.

Those with an active interest in the Civil War know him as a contributing author to the New York Times series Disunion and author of three books of soldier stories, Faces of the Civil War, Faces of the Confederacy, and African American Faces of the Civil War.

If you get to know Ron, you'll learn about his amazing wife, love of pugs, desire to hike, bike and run, obsession for cartes de visite, and overall positive outlook on life and living.

Contact Ron about any and all of the above. He keeps a tidy inbox, so he'll respond quickly.

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